Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bournemouth Break

Here are four outfits from my seven day stay in Bournemouth. Excuse my pictures of being of worse quality than usual however the apartment I stayed in only housed face sized mirrors.. it was clearly a guy who had furnished the place. So I resorted to running into the lifts on a daily basis to grab a quick look and snap.

Croc Top - Zara
Black PVC Shorts - Zara
Lace-Up Shoes - H&M
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Western Bag - Zara
Stack 'Em Rings (from two separate packets, gold and silver) - H&M

Cross Over Top - New Look
Dark Grey Jersey Shorts - Zara
Bowling Bag - Fiorelli

Thigh High Split Maxi Dress - Oasis
Bowling Bag - Fiorelli
Suede and Metal Gladiators - Jasper Conran


Emerald Green See Through Panel Top - Zara
White Jacquard Mesh Overlay Skirt - Topshop
PVC Flip-flops - New Look

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Monochrome Look No.2

Overlay Skirt - Warehouse
Net Beaded Top - Zara
Leather Shoes - Topshop
Snake Clutch - Reiss

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Brights

I happened to be wearing a similar colour palette after being inspired by a certain 'S'. For those of you non-Gossip-Girl-watchers she is Serena, Blake Lively's character, whom appeared recently in London for the Chime for Change event hosted by Gucci. I hope the poor pun became clear after my overload explanation. However I'm not going to give her full credit for my ensemble as they were already items that I owned, she already has the acting career and Ryan Reynolds, she doesn't need it. ;)

Look 1
Jumper- Zara
Printed Skirt- ASOS
Faux Pony Hair Bag- Zara
Spotted Frilly Socks- Topshop
Cut-Out Shoes- Topshop

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Monochrome Look No.1

The point of me initially creating this blog was to actually post outfit ensembles, however I got side tracked as per! So here's the first one. The monochrome look is pretty current right now and is a look that will generally last for a long time, give or take a few details. So being that it was the first outfit post I thought it be fitting to show my take on something long lasting. To spruce the monochrome look up my view is that coloured accessories are key. Whether fluorescent like the necklace or just generally vibrant like the bag. Hope you enjoy; details of outfit below.
P.s this is my favourite bag (it also has a shoulder strap which I tucked into itself).

Gilet- River Island
Top- Zara
Trousers- New Look
Necklace- Topshop
Bag- Zara
Shoes- River Island

My Kinda 'News'

Hello everyone, this is my second post (sorry, I know you can count). I must say it's quite addictive to keep publishing! Just wish I'd be this bothered about school essays. Enjoy the updates.
Brand Reinventions
I'm not sure about yourself but I know that the only things I go to M&S for are food and occasionally the random tights. There is a picture below the text of a woman named Belinda Earl and she may be changing my previous reasons of shopping with the high street leader. Belinda has worked in the past with multi brand store Debenhams, and then went on to further establish Jaeger. The millionairess has had a recent surge of income from the high street's 'sleeping giant' to improve their aesthetic, proving she must be good. Belinda has since been working her business magic and has paid a large attention to customers wants. This has resulted in her finding out that women want to improve fabric choices and the attention paid to detail. With this specification in mind she has targeted a younger market as well as the current over 40's.
Her range will be released this year Autumn/Winter (end of July) which I am looking forward to seeing or maybe purchasing, and I'm sure it is also being awaited by the hopeful brand themselves. I think that M&S have saved themselves with this new business approach and will definitely improve sales as they have been decreasing for the past seven sectors. Executive director of general merchandise John Dixon was the person who implemented this change in a statement, Dixon said the launch is “the culmination of six months of extensive research that has seen us listen to our customers’ views on our brand and build on our heritage”.
What do you go into M&S for, or do you never pay them a visit? Will this change?
Sister Capsule Collections
Late brother of Donatella Versace, designer and founder of Versace, Gianni Versace was a legend and shocked many when he passed away in 1997 at such a young age. His sister, Donatella, from that point then took over and has stayed true to his vision by leaving the successful brands aesthetic unchanged. In the recent years she has collaborated with H&M as many other global brands have e.g. Marni (being one of my favourites), Maison Martin Margiela, Comme Des Garcons, Jimmy Choo and Stella McCartney to mention a few. Another recent venture of Versace has been to team up with new on the scene designer J.W Anderson. He has previously had multiple lines in conjunction with Topshop and also a brand of his own; J.W Anderson. He is now being questioned to be the 'New Gianni' by Vogue. This sister capsule collection is called Versus. Tonight there will be previews of the Versus collection from bloggers, celebrities and magazines on Google+ from the New York launch party. Susie Lau has been confirmed as one of them. Here's the link, it starts at 9pm
Safety Put First
Arcadia which is owned by high street mogul Peter Green, is formed by the individual chains of Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins. Arcadia, Intendex (who own Zara) and H&M have signed an agreement post Bangladesh factory blaze which in simple terms states to help by funding to safety threshold all other buildings that produces products for them. The final amount has not yet been stated.
Hope you learnt something new, comments welcome. xo

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vogue Festival

Welcome to headless style!
There are many unusual and interesting names for blogs out in the blogasphere because of this I found it difficult to think of a name for my own (felt like I was naming my child). I had a mental list of varied characteristics it had to embody; witty, memorable, current etc. I eventually chose headless style; a name I found quite fitting with the theme as you will come to see.
I'm pretty sure I am last on the uptake of posting on the auspicious occasion of The Vogue Festival. However I still owe you and the show the honour of it being the topic of my first post.
This also loops in with two of my personal icons Garance Dore and Alexa Chung. I know what the majority of you are thinking 'Alexa, how predictable!' Yes, it is. I do agree. But c'mon she's the ex of Alex Turner frontman of my favourite band Arctic Monkeys and current partner of Drowners frontman Matthew Hitt. Not to mention having the coolest bunch of friends including Keira Knightley, Pixie Geldof, Nick Grimshaw, Harley Viera Newton and the Delevigne sisters to mention a few. To me she gives that air of Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, just so damn cool. Not only that she features as one of the bodies of the British Fashion Council, has a sell out messenger bag entitled with her name for the specialist leather brand Mulberry and tops best dressed list consistently.
Garance on the other hand is a not a typical icon of the modern girl; but she is one of my many. The first ever blog that I discovered was hers, she tells these beautifully witty French themed stories of her childhood, interviews women from around the world and gives us a glance in the current New York. It's not necessarily all stern fashion based but every post has a link to the everyday fashion world. She is also the partner of Scott Schuman whom some of you may know as The Sartorialist.
I had wanted to attend the first year of Vogue Festival but was unable too, so this year I made it my prerogative to wake up early and book tickets. This did not let my efforts down, it instead enabled me to grasp a fuller understanding of what these women (and Paul Smith) do, how they sound when they are sitting not so far away from you and most importantly deepened my interest in this field.
I have put up pictures from the Saturday that I attended. They feature the brilliantly funny Anna Dello Russo, former Italian Vogue Editor who is now doing the same job in Japan. The designer, Sir Paul Smith. Alexa Chung, former model turned presenter who is now situated in America doing Fuse News. Alexandra Shulman, current editor of British Vogue. Susie Bubble, widely known through her eccentric and popular blog Style Bubble. Garance Dore, the originally French blogger who is currently situated in New York. Emily Sheffield, Samantha Cameron's sister and Vogue's deputy editor. And last but definitely not least Caroline Issa who was sitting directly infront of me at Mad About The Girl, I have circled the back of her head in blue. There is also a picture that features one of her current popular designs of her collaboration with L.K. Bennett which you may recognise. Enjoy the pictures!:)
Thankyou for viewing my first post. xo